Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Training Tips for Labradoodle Puppy

There are generally six commands that you should teach any puppies. They are: Come, sit, heel, stand, stay and down. However you should start teaching “sit” command first as it will help in learning them other commands more easily.
Training time
The good time for involving in Labradoodle puppy training is when you are not in hurry as you need to give him a lot of time. Remember to work at your puppy’s pace and don’t indulge him in harsh and long training periods. It should last for only 5-10 minutes so that your Labradoodle gets enough time for learning and recalling back. Instead if you are enforcing a longer training time then he may stop focusing as doing the same activity bores everyone. It’s important to praise him, let him know how much pleased you are when he successfully accomplish the training session. With this, he will know about the things that please you and recall it back later.

When not to start training
This is one of the important things that you should know about because there are some moments when your training will be useless. For instance, if you train your Labradoodle right after he has finished eating, then he will not do it perfectly as he will be feeling sleepy. Besides the treats you use for Labradoodle puppy training period won’t be enticing to him and ignore whatever commanded. Dog owners need to know that the motivation for them to learn anything is deep-rooted in their longing to impress you. So letting them know how much pleased you are with their positive and good behaviors will make them do those things that please you.

Treats are the second important thing that motivated them to learn new things or focus in the training. For treats, you can use plain cheese or small pieces of chicken that they will love to get by doing any means and deeds. But using over use of treats can put on them heavy weight so replace treats with words like “good dog” etc.

Single commands
To know how quick they learn their names, just say your dog’s name while you are in conversation with your friend and watch them take notice. So they can learn the commands quickly. But when you are using multiple commands like “Jack, come and sit here”, “ hell why you are not listening, I just told you to sit down” etc. they will just ignore you like child. This doesn’t mean that your labradoodle is not obedient, in fact he’s confused. So, you must avoid using multiple commands in the process of dog training.

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