Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Training Tips for Labradoodle Puppy

There are generally six commands that you should teach any puppies. They are: Come, sit, heel, stand, stay and down. However you should start teaching “sit” command first as it will help in learning them other commands more easily.
Training time
The good time for involving in Labradoodle puppy training is when you are not in hurry as you need to give him a lot of time. Remember to work at your puppy’s pace and don’t indulge him in harsh and long training periods. It should last for only 5-10 minutes so that your Labradoodle gets enough time for learning and recalling back. Instead if you are enforcing a longer training time then he may stop focusing as doing the same activity bores everyone. It’s important to praise him, let him know how much pleased you are when he successfully accomplish the training session. With this, he will know about the things that please you and recall it back later.

When not to start training
This is one of the important things that you should know about because there are some moments when your training will be useless. For instance, if you train your Labradoodle right after he has finished eating, then he will not do it perfectly as he will be feeling sleepy. Besides the treats you use for Labradoodle puppy training period won’t be enticing to him and ignore whatever commanded. Dog owners need to know that the motivation for them to learn anything is deep-rooted in their longing to impress you. So letting them know how much pleased you are with their positive and good behaviors will make them do those things that please you.

Treats are the second important thing that motivated them to learn new things or focus in the training. For treats, you can use plain cheese or small pieces of chicken that they will love to get by doing any means and deeds. But using over use of treats can put on them heavy weight so replace treats with words like “good dog” etc.

Single commands
To know how quick they learn their names, just say your dog’s name while you are in conversation with your friend and watch them take notice. So they can learn the commands quickly. But when you are using multiple commands like “Jack, come and sit here”, “ hell why you are not listening, I just told you to sit down” etc. they will just ignore you like child. This doesn’t mean that your labradoodle is not obedient, in fact he’s confused. So, you must avoid using multiple commands in the process of dog training.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Important for Dachshund Puppy Training

Dachshund puppy training isn’t the difficult task and actually you can train puppies within 10 days if you are conscious and consistent. It’s better to start the training your Dachshund puppy as soon as you bring him home. There are lots of tricks and ways to train them but the most important thing to train them is potty training with crates.

Even when we were child we used to potty anywhere and anytime with no ideas and we were never being punished by our parents. The same thing should be implemented in the case of the Dachshund puppy training too. You need to have too much patience with the puppies as they will take time to learn from their mistakes.

It’s important to teach them with the correct timings- the time when they will try to learn quicker. For instance- when it’s time for them to eat, if you try to train him something then he will try to learn as quickly as possible because it’s time for him to eat. Hunger will teach him quicker and reward based training is always effective in the process of Dog Training.

As with other dogs, you should teach the “sit” command first because it’s the basic command like we learn “ABCD” in the school before learning anything more. After training the “sit” command effectively, you can stop him from doing any mischievous acts or stop him from causing any troubles.

They are said to be originated in Germany around several centuries back. They were used for hunting purpose as their name means badger in German language. They are commonly known as sausage dogs and the name itself is quite difficult for many people to misspell it. Even I find it a little difficult and spell it like “Daschund” which is quite easier.

Whatever the name is, for successful Dachshund puppy training, you have keep patience and work positively in the training session. Sometimes there might comes such a situation where your endurance can end but still at that time you have to behave positively because positivity is the only key that can unlock lots of challenging locks.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beagle Puppy Training Tips

Dog Training is in fact a tough task especially when it’s your first dog or you are training some dog for the first time. Their learning capacity depends on their breed. Some breed of dogs learns the things quickly while some takes more time. Beagles are somewhere in between these two kind of breeds. They are hunting dogs so their sense of smell is very sensitive and while learning something their attention suddenly goes off when they sense the smell of some another critter. Due to this reason, you should start Beagle Puppy Training as soon as you bring it home and be consistent and patient while training it.

Being dominant
We know that dogs are pack animals. But the pack mentality in Beagles is even more dominant.Once they feel themselves as the pack leader, they will hardly obey and respond to what you command. For a successful Beagle Puppy training, you must establish dominance over him from the day you bring him home. Never let him do any intolerable things and pity on his clumsy and adorable look when he’s just a puppy. Make boundaries for him from the start and never let him cross his limits if you want a very well trained Beagle.

A good environment
When you make the impression that you are dominant than your Beagle, he began to feel secure as well. Like human, he also wants a safe environment with sufficient infrastructures. He would for sure expect a warm and cozy place to come back to after long tiring activities of hunting, playing and training. A good environment of well placed bed, food and water as a routine will enable him focus well in the training period and will yield a good result eventually.

Positive Reinforcements
Like every dogs, Beagles also respond well to trainings combined with positive reinforcements. If they are given rewards they are fond of while training, then they will accomplish the task well and quickly in order to get the treat soon. Whenever they complete your desired work, say “Yes” and reward them with treat. This specific word will stuck in their mind positively as the reward gainer and will repeat the action whenever commanded.

Respect their intelligence
Beagle puppy training will be an easy task if you respect his intelligence. He’s a lover of hunting and likes to solve the problem given. After solving, they feel accomplished and satisfied so, training it with new skills each day by taking time will help. Never try to train many things at once. Everything has to be done slowly and with patience.

No punishment
Punishing your beagle for his mistakes will discourage him and will lead to undesirable behaviors in him. Like you said “Yes” when he was obeying your command, just say “No” when he does something useless and mischievous acts. Also ignore him if he tries to catch your attention by doing something bad like jumping up and barking continuously. Ignoring for bad things and praising for good things is the only philosophy that works well in the dog training.